10 Great Ideas to Reverse the Negativity in Your Family

Ok everyone – for this, I NEED YOUR HELP.

My wife had a great idea this morning. She said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could gather the TOP 10 best ideas people use in their families to reduce negativity.” I thought it was brilliant. That woman’s intuition thing. 🙂 Photo-BIRDCAGE

You know, that kind of environment where you can’t get your kids to stop arguing – or your spouse is getting on your nerves so bad you want to explode – or you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have to deal with yourself before you face your family. (This happens to me more times than I would like to admit. My neuro-chemicals must be off) These real world issues are what Positive Psychology helps to solve.

So here’s the skinny – from research I know you need 3 positive things to occur in order to make up for 1 negative (3-1). It’s actually a complicated model called “The Losada Ratio” that I will be talking about in another post. It simple means to be a healthy person you need 3 positives to 1 negative (in marriages – it’s 5 to 1 so we have our work cut out for us).

So what do you do to stay Positive? With your spouse, kids, siblings – any family dynamic. With Thanksgiving coming up we are going to need fresh ideas!

Give me your ideas and suggestions and I will compile them into the best 10. Screen-Shot-2014-02-24-at-08.09.50

You can respond by (1) Leaving a comment to this post (2) Sending me an email: tom@yourpositivitycoach.com (3) Commenting on my Facebook page or (4) Leaving a private Facebook message.

I really can’t wait to see what everyone is doing to combat negativity. It’s an everyday battle. What works for you? How do you keep your family healthy with productive and positive behaviours? Thanks for your response!

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3 thoughts on “10 Great Ideas to Reverse the Negativity in Your Family

  1. I try to be intentional about expressing gratitude OUT LOUD. If you do some small thing to serve me, (like empty the dishwasher, for example), I don’t just think “that was nice”. I tell you how much I appreciate all the little things you do which demonstrate a servant’s heart.
    When my heart is grateful to God for any one of 10 million things, I tell Him. Out loud.
    I also highly recommend Ann Voskamp’s bestseller, 1000 Gifts, which is an excellent treatise on the power of gratitude.

  2. Great you hear from you Tom. Not great about your burn-out. Loved the way you dealt with it in the video. That is quite a debilitating thing that can happen to one. People in ministry are very prone to it. I’m very interested in your Positivity ministry. Living back in South Africa now under a cloud of fear and negativity. I try and spread a message of hope for the future, but some days the negativity demon also gets at me. I’ll be scouring your blog for pointers and help. My reconciliation ministry is mainly in Rwanda where God is blessing our work in partnership with Prison Fellowship exceedingly. Check out our web-site. Look forward to hearing more about your ministry. God bless you!

  3. A special (undeserved) treat. The tendency is to save special treats for rewards. I think it’s good to throw them in sometimes in the midst of a day when everyone is wearing their grouchy pants too. Ice cream, for example. Ice cream makes everything better 🙂 It’s like hitting a reset button while teaching grace. (I love you and want good things for you, even when you aren’t at your best….or I’m not at mine.)