Anyone Can be a Visionary

It’s the time of year where everyone begins to think about what they want to accomplish in 2017. Better health, more finances, dream jobs, exquisite vacations, and spending meaningful time with family. But we live in a world where most people who think about a better 2017 won’t be able to accomplish what they desire. One of the main reasons for failing is because they don’t see themselves as visionaries. I have wonderful news for you, ANYONE CAN BE A VISIONARY and living that truth is the first step in the direction your success. photo_vision_eye

“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell


When you think of a visionary what comes to mind? Most people think of CEO’s who lead great companies or iconic leaders and inventors such as George Washington, Steve Jobs, or Anthony Robbins. When we put these kinds of people on pedestals as visionaries, then it’s impossible to see ourselves in that category.

The truth is we’ve all been visionaries in our lives. Think of a time when you had “an idea” about something you dreamed about but it didn’t exist. Maybe it was a degree, a career, a family, a home, a vacation or an article you want to write. And now that dream has become a reality. See, you are a visionary! You just need to start seeing yourself as one. The key to great vision is seeing something we desire in the future and to start making plans for it to become a reality. We have all done it and we can do it again.

One of my favorite visionaries is Thomas Edison. He saw what others didn’t see and had a vision that was so grandiose, others thought he was crazy. Who dreams about creating light out of darkness when light doesn’t exist?! It made no difference to him what others thought. There was an internal compass in his soul that burned in the direction of his vision. He saw the vision and he did small things everyday until that vision became a reality. This is why I wrote an article about the power of being an internally directed person versus and externally driven one. An internally directed person is a visionary and they and 10x more successful in life.

Make no mistake, there were obstacles for Edison and it was difficult. He tested over 6,000 materials searching for the perfect filament that would cause the lightbulb to burn brightly but he finally did it.  One of the hardest things about vision is people give up too early before the reward. The New Year brings a sea of empty resolutions that were never fulfilled because people didn’t see themselves as visionaries and gave up to soon.

But not this year!

We all have the ability to be visionaries. Some of us just follow thru on our visions more than others.

According to The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner, “Only about 3% of the typical leader’s time is spent thinking about the future.” 

The key to great inspirational leadership begins with making a decision to be a visionary and trust your visionary ability. You can be an inspiring leader with the potential to change your life and the lives of others. You have greatness within you, it just needs to come out and be lived!

Play close attention over the next 30 days. I’m going to have several FREE resources, including a 3-part video series, to help you become an incredible visionary in 2017 and start accomplishing your personal dreams. 2017 isn’t going to be a year of broken resolutions for you. It’s going to be a year of Vision, Promise and Fulfilment!

I’ll be with you every step of the way and every tool I’ve been developing is designed to help your Visions become reality.



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One thought on “Anyone Can be a Visionary

  1. Sir Thomas: Exceptional post. Thank you. And the Gladwell quote is one of my own favorites. ‘Tis amazing what begins to take place when you give people a pen/pencil/marker and a large piece of paper and let them know they have 90 minutes to imagine their future. What that has unlocked in some of those I mentor has been nothing short of quietly astounding…it’s like giving them permission to fly on the wings they never knew they had. Proud of you, Tom…most proud!!!