10 Great Ideas to Reverse the Negativity in Your Family

Ok everyone – for this, I NEED YOUR HELP.

My wife had a great idea this morning. She said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could gather the TOP 10 best ideas people use in their families to reduce negativity.” I thought it was brilliant. That woman’s intuition thing. 🙂 Photo-BIRDCAGE

You know, that kind of environment where you can’t get your kids to stop arguing – or your spouse is getting on your nerves so bad you want to explode – or you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have to deal with yourself before you face your family. (This happens to me more times than I would like to admit. My neuro-chemicals must be off) These real world issues are what Positive Psychology helps to solve.

So here’s the skinny – from research I know you need 3 positive things to occur in order to make up for 1 negative (more…)

Why Hard Things Can Be the Most Positive Things In Life

I started studying Positivity because of the problem I have with negativity. Notice I said, “have” not “had.” I’m a work in progress.

It’s rooted in many things: being a child of divorced parents, abuse, starting in a new school every year, and feeling like a complete loser most of my life – I could go on and on.IMG_8599

Those things are certainly negative. But one of the most positive things I ever did was to begin the journey of facing the pain and rejection of my childhood. I needed to accept responsibility for my life and work through my issues in the present so I could have the kind of future I desired. It helped the healing process begin and helped me grow. It was painful, it was hard, but it was incredibly positive. (more…)