How Positive Emotions Can Save Your Holidays

Living Positively Is Vital to Success in Life

There are times we all get tired of hearing we need to “be more positive.” Is positivity some kind of weird self-help theory that instructs us to feel “good” when things in life are painful, difficult, or tragic?

This is exactly what I thought. Strong arm myself into the person I should be by reading another self-help book, listening to a pop-preacher’s message. or brainwashing myself into believing something about my life that isn’t currently true. But that’s not positivity at all. photo - Think Positive Poster

Positivity is not about simple self-help techniques. It is about being a healthier version of yourself by building important things in your life – like positive emotions. These include joy, serenity, gratitude, love and amusement – emotions we all need more of in our lives! It’s about creating ways to make the amazing things about life shine brighter and happen more often. It’s also about a better you filled with kindness, meaning, and purpose – the version of you that creates personal fulfilment and promotes healthy relationships. (more…)

Gratitude – The Secret to Happiness

One of my main goals for this year it to be a person who is filled with more JOY.

“The root of joy is gratefulness…It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.” ~ David Steindl-Rast

Let me be the first to admit – I struggle being grateful. I don’t resist it, I just don’t think of it. Blame it on my formative years or my “undiagnosed ADD” (according to my sweet, patient wife!). Kidding aside, I am serious about being a grateful person because I know there is life-changing power in gratitude. Let me show you exactly what that power looks like in your life.  (more…)

How Positivity Rewires Your Brain

There’s a reason I’m focusing my Doctorate on Positivity. It has the power to rewire your brain.

balancing rocksAccording to a recent psychological article, “new scientific research on neuroplasticity (experience-dependent change in the neural circuitry of emotions) suggests that positive emotional states may trigger lasting, durable changes in the structure and function of the brain.”

Here’s what this study means: if you are a negative person – in your thoughts, words or actions – it has a tremendous impact on how you think, how your brain functions, and even your health. Conversely, if you can learn to be a positive person – in your thoughts, words, or actions – it can work wonders for your brain, how people treat you, your ability to accomplish your dreams and goals, and your health – just to name a few benefits. (more…)