How to Double Your Success in Everything


How would you like to double the quality of what you write? Or double the depth of your personal relationships? How about doubling your overall success? You can double the success of anything you want by using this technique proven by neuroscience. It’s called Positive Intention.

I am all about getting a higher return on anything I can in life. My time, my investments, my kids activities, or my experiences. Why do something with half the results? The sad fact is many people choose to live this way. They don’t take the time to optimize. If they did, their results would outperform the best Wall Street stocks. photo_success_redrocks copy

If you are a network marketer, a business person, an athlete, a speaker, a mom who is CEO of the house, or most anybody who is trying to improve, embrace this technique with everything you have because it will change your life. `

 It’s called “Mind’s Eye Rehearsal,” which is about using your mind to capitalize on the strengths of past events in your life. The idea is that if you have really excelled at something in the past, you can repeat it again in the future with similar or better results. The best thing is that what I’m about to tell you is backed by tons of research so you be assured of its value. It’s also one of the greatest ways to strengthen the neural pathways in your brain, making it easier to repeat the behavior next time.

There are two reasons for this according to Caroline Webb in her book, How to Have a Good Day.

  1. Our brains activate in a similar way when we’re visualizing something as when we are living it for real. Researchers have found the overlap to be between 60 percent and 90 percent.
  2. The more you rehearse a certain behavior, the stronger the neural pathway becomes in our brain. That’s why practice makes perfect. It’s behaviourally driven.

Why? Because neurons in your brain make connections with one another. They communicate through something called synapses. As you grow and learn new things those connection begin to change. The more you make the same connection, the easier it is to reactivate that behavior or skill. This is one of the reasons our brains continue to change throughout our lives because of something called neuroplasticity. I’ve written more about it here, “How Positivity Rewires Your Brain.

Practicing Mind’s Eye Rehearsal

Doing this is fairly simple. Let me stress that this has nothing to do with saying something over and over until it happens as some weird positive confession and it has nothing to do with New Age. This is about reimagining behaviors you’ve already produced and rehearsing that success.

First – Find a quiet place and recall a time when you were extremely successful at something you want to repeat. Running a race, closing a business deal, an unusual time of creativity, an incredible feeling of love, inspiration or connection.

Second – Relive that memory like it was in the present in exactly the same way. Allow your mind to see it exactly as it was.

Third – Notice the details. What were you hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting doing? The more detailed you are, the richer the neural connection.

Fourth – Write down exactly what stands out to you about the experience. Pay attention to anything specific you said or did so it helps you reconnect with that particular success.

Fifth – Now, bring it into the present by taking the details of the past experience and applying them to the success you desire today. Consider the reasons you want to have this kind of success today. What will it do in your life? How will it make you feel? What changes will it bring?

Sixth – Close your eyes and see yourself getting the exact results you want from the challenge you are about to face. See it like a movie in your mind with you as the main character. Be sure to bring the detail of all of the sounds, sights and sensations of the event.

Success Bonus: Start the day being deliberate

If you really want to add punch to the success of your day, start each day by using this practice and being deliberate. What results do you want to create today? How do you need to be successful? What’s important for you to achieve that will give you a high return on your time?

This helps you do two very important things: (1) Focus on what is important by being intentional and (2) Activates your brain’s reward system. The more you succeed on these important tasks, the more your brain likes it and the more it will repeat it.

My encouragement to you: Be a person who is Positively Intentional! Don’t leave your life or your day to reaction and chance. You have the ability to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. You simply need to use these tools to do it!

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3 thoughts on “How to Double Your Success in Everything

  1. A lot of folks do tend to associate this with New Age, and that is a shame. God gave us imaginations for a reason. We use them to create. We need to embrace this gift he’s given us.

  2. Interesting you say that Seth. I already received a comment along that line on my Facebook. God created our brains, our leadership capacity, our abilities to succeed, have dominion, and on and on. It seems extremely short sighted to me when people but God in any kind of box. As if any finite being has anything close to infinite understanding. I’ll choose to humble myself and remain in the mystery. 🙂

  3. This is interesting. It is actually very similar to the way I was trained to do inner healing with people. It starts off this way:

    1. Recall a memory when you felt a deep connection to God.
    2. Relive that memory. What happened? What did you sense?
    3. Ask God to heighten your senses of that memory.

    We call this a 5 bar moment. 5 bars like on a cell phone for a strong signal connection to God.

    This becomes a safe place to start someone from to move them into an area where God wants to touch and heal.