Why Negative Thoughts Create Discouragement and a Lack of Motivation

We are all faced with 1,000’s of opportunities each day to be positive or negative. Sadly, over 80% of people choose negative thoughts over positive ones. This is often responsible for why you feel bad, why you get discouraged, and why you might feel depressed, discouraged and lack motivation. photo_red_love_heart_alone-copy

One of the greatest things I’ve learned in the past few years is that there are chemicals behind my feelings. There are reasons I feel the way I do. Look at them as, “happy chemicals,” and “unhappy chemicals.” They are controlled by simple little thoughts. Studies show that over 80% of these thoughts are negative.

Most people have little concern over these thoughts that go into their brains. They listen to negative people, watch negative news, read negative Facebook feeds, and tell themselves negative stories about their self-worth and abilities. It’s constant. And they wonder why they feel bad?!

Why You Feel Bad

Every one of these negative thoughts releases negative chemicals in our bodies. It’s part of the biological process. One of the main reasons this happens is because of synapses in our brains. This is one of the first things students of neuroscience learn. There is a space between synapses called, “the synaptic cleft.” Think of it as empty space waiting to be filled and waiting to be reinforced.

Here’s how it works. You have a thought, and a chemical shoots across that space. This builds a bridge over that space and releases a chemical in your body. The next time you have a similar thought, it fires again making that connection closer and closer to decrease the distance of the electrical charge. It becomes easier the next time. On a side note, this is also how habits are formed. Soon, you don’t even think about how you actually drive a car because everything is automatic. That electrical charge has occurred so many times, you act without even thinking about it. If you’re a science nerd this is a great video on the topic: Science video.

The Power of Happy Chemicals

Simply put, if you want to build strong, positive habits, then focus on positive things. Hang out with positive people, read positive  books, and make sure you allowing good and positive content into your brain. Having a positive outlook on life and how you feel about yourself takes work. But the rewards are massive. It will immediately change the way you feel because you are building positive transmitters in your brain that release plenty of happy chemicals.

Left to itself, our brain gravitates towards fear and negativity. Fear is behind the vast majority of our scarcity feelings that tell us we aren’t enough and we won’t be successful. It’s part of the fight or flight process we all possess.

If we aren’t feeling safe, fear and negativity sneak in to infiltrate our thoughts, behavior and actions. They’re sneaky. The inevitable results are that we don’t trust others, we develop an inability to focus, we struggle to be productive, and we can feel like we are failing.

Positive thoughts and positive actions can help us overcome these issues, but when the average person is plagued by an 80% negative thought ratio, it leads us into survival mode and drowns out a positive perspective on life. This is a downward spiral that is difficult to escape from.

Want to Change Your Life for the Better?

Science is clear. Want to completely change your life? Change your thoughts. Do whatever it takes to eliminate the negativity and replace it with healthy, positive and encouraging thoughts. The more you do, the easier it gets. That is how you take control of your life and focus on the things that are important to you!


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